Terms and Conditions


Milk gem jewellery considers an agreement has been made when an order and payment have been received.

By placing an order, you agree to receiving a one of a kind handcrafted piece of DNA keepsake jewellery which may be different to items portrayed on this website or on our social media platforms. This may include differences in colour, placement of inclusions, small air bubbles as part of the resin crafting process. Small irregularities are normal and not considered a fault.

Milk Gem Jewellery reserves the right to automatically cancel any unfulfilled orders over 12 months old with no refund or store credit given.


Prices are calculated based on varying factors including metal prices, exchange rates and cost of materials. 

In the event of a change in price costs Milk Gem Jewellery reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.

Crafting Time

Any crafting timeframe provided is an estimate. Milk Gem Jewellery will provide updates if an item is going to take longer than the original estimated timeframe.


Any order complaints must be submitted with photographs, all purchases are final and once an item has been purchased no refund will be issued. If the product is damaged a repair will be offered. All repair or replacement claims will be fulfilled following an inspection of the piece.

Milk Gem Jewellery is not liable for any wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or failure to adhere to the care instructions.